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Hudson Valley Wedding and Elopement Package

I became a wedding officiant in early 2003 and have had the real pleasure to perform 23 weddings since.  We recently had a lovely young couple get engaged here at the Inn who will now be...

Fall Inn to Autumn Activities

There are plenty of hints about the onset of fall here at the inn.  Swaths of color are accenting the trees, the first clusters of leaves are gathering in the yard, the mornings are crisp,...

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

It’s August, time for vegetable and herb garden mayhem.  Those little seeds and plants that took up such small spaces back in April and May are now full-grown and ready for harvesting...

Burger Hill View

If you’re looking for a short hike with a great view, then Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill is worth visiting.

Spring Buds

Self-Care often falls to the bottom of people's priorities list especially for women, who tend to put their own needs last. So for those who need and deserve it the most we have...


The Hudson Valley abounds with some of the best locally sourced food and restaurants in New York State, being located near the world famous Culinary Institute of America “might” just a...


While Valentine’s Day has just passed, many couples and many businesses as well celebrate Valentine’s Day all month long.  February itself has long been celebrated as “...

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The Hudson Valley is steeped in history, from the original Dutch settlers who set up trading outposts in the 1600s, to it going through a time as an agricultural hub, to it being a train and river...


Sinterklaas is a celebration for young and old.  With parades, live music and performers of all types. Workshops for children and adults, a Sinterklaas Soiree, photo booths, trolley rides,...

Olde Rhinebeck Inn Garlic Harvest

Today is the day our small patch of garlic is harvested.  This is a big day in a long process.  In our climate it is best to plant garlic cloves in the fall, and this year’s mini-...