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Baby Geese in the Yard

This spring and summer we’ve had eight baby geese wandering the property.  These goslings are actually a blended family, with five teenagers coming from one set of parents, and three...

Avocado Toast

Beginning our journey up in Hudson, to meet out friend Mary for a bite at Le Gamin. While the restaurant still goes by the same name and remains very French in menu selection, the atmosphere took...

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is it sure makes for Tasty berries, "Wow". My husband Dave went blueberry picking today and boy are they a delicious batch.  Firm, flavorful and just the right mix of tart and sweet...

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A lot of relationships begin at work, be they friendships or romantic partnerships, but the story behind the Olde Rhinebeck Inn puts a new spin on this age-old occurrence. When Jonna Paolella...


As world leaders meet in Paris to discuss actionables to combat climate change, we too, here the Inn are making a pledge and disclosing our eco-friendly practices.


I come across this term on almost a daily basis nowadays.  Airbnb this, Uber that, the pros and the cons, the battles over the traditional methods of commerce and the new ones.  We...


It's almost impossible to believe the remarkable pace of the passage of time.  Blog writing, this is new for me.  I like to talk and tell stories, and consider myself comfortable in...